I don’t hate the Pixel. I don’t have the iPhone. Why? Because both the software and hardware together are made by the same company.

They’re worth as much as these companies want to price them. Then you get Samsung charging nearly as much.

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    Motorola still prices their phones fairly cheap
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    Oneplus also has good phones, but for half the price of a iPhone, Pixel or Samsung. Also the Rom is almost stock Android so it is nice and clean.
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    What exactly is your point? I think it’s great that hardware and software are made by the same company.
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    @620hun lets call it encapsulation, or maybe isolation.

    The best bas example is apple, they want to repair everything themselves, they want you to get only official accessories, etc. So they can control the prices, who made what and how much they earn from it.

    You get the point, google seems to be headed the same way.
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    The pixel is an HTC device. The software is an open source project, and the skin is branded by Google.

    The price is set by a lunatic in a box.
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