Don't know how those 5 mins of devrant surfing before bed became 2 hours of joy ride ...never have been a fan of social media, but this seems my kinda thing

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    more like 5 min on the toilet became 2 hours

    just playin 🤣
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    deleted facebook cause it was getting boring. DevRant is here to stay :)
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    @nona42 oh noo, what about your "friends" how will you stay in touch?
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    @neumann personal conversations, calls.. yeah, such things really exist.. even in this advanced time :D


    I lied, Skype and Telegram it is!
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    @nona42 suit your self i get annoyed if somenone calls, they could have just left a post on my wall

    lol.. 🤣🤣
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    @4hp007 same here. I think it's because this here is a small world of people talking about real problems and fun stuff. not the (mostly) fake reality of FB.
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    I do this exact same thing. I lay down in bed after a long day at work to see what you lot been dealing with throughout the day.

    Interestingly enough I seem to find myself in similar situations which makes me think this is the perfect place to stay :D
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    Everywhere else I just get sick of all the ranting and I hate my life's and the world is stupid.
    .... While here it has rant in the name and yet everyone is in such a better nicer mood.
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    Here the people are real good ...I've rarely seen any trolls ...if someone doesn't understand a joke people politely explain it to them ...this is a dream ...the nice developers
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