Seriously ? Thanks for nothing ? Is this an appropriate subject,given that you are sending Thanksgiving greetings to your users ? Honestly I feel attacked. I'll probably unsubscribe and block them.

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    "Be grateful, you filthy customer!!"
    How about being grateful Mr. CEO that you've got customers at all, hmm ๐Ÿคจ
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    Can share a screenshot, I did read a little to figure out it's a Thanksgiving greetings email. It was a lecture honestly. @irene
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    @irene after this they are advertising about a bunch of their hackathon.
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    @Condor exactly. ๐Ÿ˜‘
    And idk why I am way too pissed rn. ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿคฏ
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    Devpost do send rather annoying clickbaity emails.

    I only ever use it for the online hackathons that are reasonably easy, and give away free participation prizes. Can't pass up on a free hoodie.
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    You wouldn't have read that email if it didn't have such a provocative title.

    But it's not very wise to tell your customers that they mean nothing to you.

    You said it well in your tags: rude spam.
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    Ceee discovered Clickbait
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    That's what happens when you've got someone that has "11 years of marketing and social media experience" on their CV, but forget to ask what that experience was before hiring.

    I mean, I understand the click-bait attempt, but you're probably not the only one that considered ditching the service for saying "thanks for nothing" on thanks giving. The rest of the users probably won't read through the email anyway...
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    "If later in your career, you do something great for your team, your manager will notice and want more of you."

    Because why on Earth would you reward those things with a raise, right? Management at its best ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    I send out emails to my users too. Even though I don't always like them (I am a human too!), but I NEVER, EVER, say anything like that in any form of communication. (I'm feeling thankful most of the times, until one breaks ToS.)

    Anything being communicated over the internet can be easily misunderstood. Heck, even when I go out to meet people, it's easy to miscommunicate and misunderstand one another's intentions.

    That CEO's letter is not unique, not funny and it just looks like some dude in early 20s being high on self-esteem and praises.

    I'd seriously have a real talk with that 'CEO' if I were their advisor.
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    Lol, they're awesome. I don't know what they're selling but a want it.
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    @millenialdev I mean ok it was a click bait, I opened the email. But what was on the inside ? A lecture! Gosh,I didn't make it to the end where they were advertising stuff. So it was a useless click bait
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    What a strange email. It's somewhat passive aggressive but not quite making sense
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    @desmondanimus It's a clickbait email to try to get people to read it - but goes far enough as to actually insult everyone who it's sent to, that's all.
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