Any Django developers here? I'd like to have some advice

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    Go with Flask instead
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    @JohanO too late for that, im already on the middle of a project, i want to know what's the best (and easy) way to handle uploaded videos (converting to a "web friendly" format -smaller size of file- and generating different qualities then storing them to serve later)
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    @walid upload the video as is and have another worker/process do the conversion. Django is here for answering http requests, not for big processing.
    So, upload using Django => add a job in a queue => have another worker picking up the jobs in the queue

    That means you need a more complex infrastructure though. If by chance you're using AWS, SQS and a worker environment would work
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    @willol thanks for your help, im going with GCP, still need to figure out how kubernetes and CI/DI work, by worker you mean something like celery or just a separated function that receives the video? And what about storing the output files, knowing that my model only have one FileField() is it gonna work that way? Sorry for that much of questions, but ppl at SO seem to care more about "how you wrote the question" rather than question itself
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