Completing 95% of a project is infinitely more difficult than completing 70% of the project.

I am still in college studying for an electrical major and my side projects are the only dev work I do, so I don't even have any excuses to not complete them, I just jump to the newest project idea I had and forget all about the old ones until one day, several months later, I look at the code I wrote, get disgusted by how terrible it is and lose all the remaining motivation to work on it.

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    It's good that you find your old code bad! It means you're getting better
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    so fucking relatable
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    If you think that's hard... Try the last 5%
    It's what separates the men from the boys
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    @rant1ng this!!! I have that all the time with my projects, where everything goes well until the project is almost done and then I lose motivation and just call it a day "because it already kinda works in a half-assed way"...
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    Don't lose heart! I am an EE that switched over to full time software engineering purely by teaching myself how to code from my side projects. It's a fun way to learn, but can be difficult at times. I've been at it for 7 years now (started my freshman year of college with an Arduino and an LED) and still find my code to be ugly despite having learned a ton. Its a good thing too! It means you/me are growing :)
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