Has anyone ever had the joy of dragging their employer kicking and screaming into the 20th century?

I've been here a little over a year, and slowly but surely I'm moving us forward.

We implemented git via GitLab (our it department already had an on premise installation), I've got us up and running with basic pipelines, I'm pushing TDD, im leading the move towards APIs for new development, and I'm implementing new projects to streamline our work, mainly by automating tasks which currently can take hours with hundreds of manual changes.

It's slow going, and there's lots of legacy business critical apps which we won't be able to change, but we're getting there.

If things keep going smoothly then I might even ask for a ride to reflect my benefit to the business, and extra responsibilities I've taken on which are far beyond my official job as an SQL Developer

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    I'm also thinking of asking if we can open source some of my solutions which aren't directly linked to the business, i.e. any frameworks or .netcore add-ons I might write
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    I dont have a boss from the 19th century... we dont believe in the ottoman empire anymore
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    @hubiruchi luckily neither do I, they've just down things a particular way for years, and never thought to move on.

    The move to GitLab is because no one knows the admin password for Visual Source Safe, so they only have one user who can log in, and if his PC does then they'll lose years of work and custom written reports.

    Other bits are just me trying to streamline our processes.
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    When I first started at this place, I asked for the source code, and expected to be given a URL and some credentials for Git, or maybe SVN. (SVN was still pretty prevalent at that time.)

    I was given a USB drive and told "there you go, make a copy of that."

    I'm happy to say we've moved on from those days...!
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    @zarathustra I asked the same, I wanted to open source my cybersource api because there’s is shit and doesn’t support .net core (it SOAP and should have burned in fire.)
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