FU OneTab. This is second time you lost my saved tabs. Off you go.

TL;DR OneTab extension has major bug.

Anyone who read my suggestions/comments to use OneTab to save your opening tabs on your Chrome and Firefox, I apologize from here. And suggest you to be careful with it. I know that I have recommended it plenty of times here.

I have no idea what's causing the data lost. I used OneTab since years ago on Chrome and it worked fine. I switched to Firefox when Quantum came out. OneTab came to FF addon repo this year. I was very happy and installed and used it straight away. But it wasn't as good as before.

I don't like to open lots of tabs. Max I have will be a dozen. I like to work different task, different project on different windows. I usually have 2 windows. One window for my personal and social use with tabs like devRant, discord, etc. Second window for one of my projects and I usually work on one project at a time. If I have to juggle among multiple projects unfortunately, I open third or fourth windows respectively.

Hence, saving all opening tabs of a window to be able to open it easily next time is a very useful feature for me. I don't even need those saved to be permanent. I save URLs I frequently visit as bookmarks and URLs I found useful to pocket.

OneTab served that purpose. But losing saved tabs is definitely major problem for me. So I have uninstalled it and now giving a try to Stash. Very new add-on, so I'm still not sure of it yet. On bright side, it is made for Firefox and open-source. OneTab is not open-source.


So far Stash is working fine. But I will wait and see for a week or so.

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    Unrelated but I found Envy useful.


    Since I'm a web dev, it is very good to know local env and prod env at a glance.
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    @M1sf3t I think I have tried it before OneTab came to FF. It was a bit slow that time. Maybe it is improved now, I'll give it a shot.
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