Me: *Applies for entry level full-stack job*

Recruiter: "Sorry, I can't hire you because you don't have the years of experience we're looking for. We can take you on as an intern! Unpaid of course, while we train you."🙂

Clueless Me: "Sure, why not."

*second day into the internship*

Boss: "I have this really big project, and I want you to be the lead. I'm going to be very vague about what I want, so you'll constantly have to make changes to user stories, wireframes, & database designs until I'm satisfied. Don't ask me any questions for clarity, because I'm busy 🙂"

Silly Me: "okay"

Boss: "Also, can you train all the other interns? You're so lucky! You'll get to pick the best to join your team" 🙂

Stupid Me: "okay"

Boss: *emails me a spreadsheet of 80 Front-End interns (freshmen and sophomores)*
"Did you start building the app yet?" 🙂

Me (Dummy): "You haven't approved the final wireframes ye-"

Boss: "And for the other interns' training, what did you have in mind?" 🙂

Me (Dumbass): "I made a training guide, they're already followi-"

Boss: "My project manager for this other project left, guess he couldn't handle the pressure of a real job... HAHAHAHA! You're gonna take the lead of that project, too!"
*Adds me to the slack group* 😁

Me (Imbecile): "Wha-"

Boss: "And we've been having trouble with keeping track of everyone's code. Is there something we can do instead of slacking code snippets back and forth?" 🤔😮

Me (Fucking Imbecile): "Wait, you guys are working on a project and you don't have any form of version control? Maybe we should take a few steps back and plan thi-"

Boss: "Are you gonna take initiative or not!?" 😡

Me (Enlightened): "I quit." 😑

Former Boss: "Too bad... I was going to offer you a paid role tomorrow morning. Oh well!" 😔

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    No version control? I wouldn't wanna work there for any amount of money in the world. Good thing you got the hell out of there!
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    He wasn't going to offer you a paid role ever. You did the right thing by leaving.

    Also, never take an unpaid internship role off the back of a job interview for a paid role. If you really want one of those (I wouldn't advise that unless there's really no other option tbh) then look around specifically for internships.
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    @Elyz I don't mind that if it's something I can change. I walked into my current job and they were using no version control at all - but that was one of the first things I sorted out.
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    @AlmondSauce You’re right! He’s full of it
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    @AlmondSauce @Elyz I really wanted to fix that. Especially since that’s the only time I’ve ever seen anything so crazy. Four devs slacking code snippets back and forth, trying to see if their local repos match is insane.
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    @Chrollo Sure, and if you were employed there (paid) and your employer seemed reasonable and wanted to work with you, then I'd say go for it.

    Unfortunately, none of those things seem to be true.
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    @Chrollo oh no. The wasted time.. I can imagine. And what I'm imagining is painful.
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    Yeah, "tomorrow" ... right
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    My favourite part of this was the “entry level job requiring X years of experience”. Thats not what entry level means you idiots. Sounds like they were conning you right from the job application stage.
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    Yep sounds like your retrospective is correct.. Sorry bro
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    @JohanO I currently work for a beer brewery client, so at lest I do have some free beers (above agreed salary of course) 😂
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    In Austria, unpaid internships are illegal :)
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    @filthyranter unpaid internships are just rephrased slavery let's be honest!
    (have i done it? Yes I have 😔)
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    @ananaszjoe Now guess why it's illegal around here. :)
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    Even if i was offered a decent amount i would not work in a company where they don’t use any version control system noobs
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    seriously, is this for real?

    I genuinely would like to think this is exaggerated... I hope it is
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    Mannnn what ??? Whassss disss really on Neptune ? I guess I won’t be coming for work trips then
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    Hey, from which country are you from?
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    @rant1ng I’m sorry! Really wish I was. I actually tuned it down because I thought it’d be too long
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    @geronimo America 😕
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    @Chrollo well, that's helpful 😅
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    @geronimo Haha New York, USA
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    @Chrollo damn, I'm from the 3rd world, I thought you were from around here judging by your rant 😂
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    @Elyz 99% of places out there believe that version control is passing a usb around
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    @geronimo is Argentina really a third world country? Y'all boludos seem to be living life over there.
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    You did right by you op. Fuck those guys man
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    @AleCx04 sometimes we think we are not, then comes the inflation to remind us that we are 😅
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    Expose the name of that company, they deserve to be publicly shamed.
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    With real responsibilities comes real compensation!! If your boss doesn't get that, you'll only have problems!!
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    @AleCx04 please don't say such horrible things :(
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    How in the actual fuck is it okay to take in an unpaid intern and then suddenly make them the “lead” of everything?

    Not to mention no version control, no specifications, and requiring years of experience for a junior role.

    Idiots like these deserve to go out of business
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    The best example of "banniya's company".

    It is not mean to hurt anyone of the cast but this term is really popular.
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    This is like a Dilbert story 😂
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    @stillwater search for Baniya (caste). tldr: they are profiled as being frugal and selfish except they are not but that's my society I guess 😅
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    @stillwater Ha! Perhaps... But the big problem wasn’t lack of version control, it was absence of payment** I worked for free because I didn’t have experience. If I didn’t have the experience, then I shouldn’t have been put in charge of these two teams. If I’m gonna work like a dog, pay me. Sounds good?
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    @stillwater no, I wasn’t. But he’ll get what’s coming to him!
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    I hate these kinda bosses. They tend to be a most efficient CEO or whatever with the slogan "make something out of nothing". But its clearly a slavery and a crime. Fuck their way of proving themselves great saying "I was thinking of these and that for you ....." when someone decides to leave and I bet you it is just a lie. These peoples are mafias.
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    Having an unpaid intern managing other unpaid interns...what is he high on?
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    @Fjord I don't know, but I want some!
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