Why don’t we make a pathos-filled video about high salaried software engineers suffering in big tech cities due to housing prices?

We can show a man who goes to some $20-30 dinner per plate with his wife and they come home to a studio apartment. They tip generously..

*Sad music starts*

“This is our life in Silicon Valley. And this is our struggle.”

We can even show one of them holding an iPhone 6s and that it starts lagging due to not getting that battery replacement from Apple.

“We can’t even dream about a house here. We have to consider going out of state where there aren’t even tech jobs out there!”

*Even sadder music plays*

But no joke. This life sucks. This is far from the dream life I dreamed off. This is reality.

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    And yet Cali makes it harder and more expensive to build new houses. I don’t get it
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