Google is being evil.

More Than 600 Google Employees Are Demanding an End to Project Dragonfly

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    Yes, take it down
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    And the consequence: There's gonna be another search engine that does it, the people in China don't have access to Google anymore, perhaps a few good guys getting executed and Google's stock drops a little.

    But at least they didn't negotiate with a dictat... oh, they already did.

    Well, at least they stood up for democ... oh wait, they already gave in to the censorship bullcrap.

    At least they trie... oh wait, did they? Really?

    Well... At least they change it now... Maybe. Theoretically.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I see that, but they also could have supported the resistance. What they did was collaborating.
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    And this is why I, except for one single thing, refuse to use anything from Google.
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    So disgusting.
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    @CoffeeNcode I'm guessing Android
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    @CoffeeNcode Have one account left solely for devRant++ :)

    @Stocken That's not a Google service, I removed Google play services from my phone :)
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    @linuxxx Yeah that's true, well was thinking about everything they push on you when you get the phone, but thanks for correcting me on that 😉
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