Well, it's time for a personal thing today, because I was hit with some shit today that I'm still kinda shook about.

So, as a bit of introduction (I've mentioned these in previous posts before but whatever, not everybody sees everything): I'm currently a senior in high school and I'm in the school's band (neither are too related, but a bit of setup for this story). I've been talking to a girl lately and I think I like her. She's fun to be around, kinda silly, and just great overall. She makes me happy and I like it. Her name is Grace, her sister's name is Taylor (just to avoid confusion later)

In the school's band, we play at home football and basketball games. Today was a basketball game. Normally when there's a game I just stay after school because I don't want to go home and come back a couple hours later, plus I like to hang out with some of the other people who do the same thing.

Grace was staying after for the game too. I was talking to her in the band room, kinda flirting a bit (on an unrelated side note, she's ticklish). Someone comes in the band room because he wanted to practice a bit, to get ready for the game. She's going back and forth between the band room and somewhere else (not too sure where she was). At one point I left to get a drink, come back, she's sitting next to him, just talking. I join the conversation, and her sister (Taylor) comes in, to get ready herself.

I go over to talk to Taylor for a minute. She looks at Grace and the other guy, then looks at me and just says "separate them". To which I said "...what? why? how?"

Me and her go outside the band room and she tells me that basically the guy has been cheating on his girlfriend with Grace, and it's just hurting everyone involved, except him basically. His girlfriend doesn't seem to fucking care, and he's done it before with someone else. (The other person actually like vaguely mentioned it to me a long time ago, but I didn't really know what she was talking about until now)

So basically, dude's cheating on his girlfriend with Grace. And I like Grace. Honestly don't know what the fuck to do. I want to do something because whenever something's going on with Grace, her sister always trusts me to make sure shit goes right. Some times when Grace wouldn't eat, her sister would always talk to me and ask me to make sure she actually eats.

Fuck guys. This stuff has been on my mind for the past ~4 hours and I don't know what to do, or if I even can do anything about it. I just needed to get this shit off my chest.

Sorry for the long personal story. Some parts I didn't really articulate very well. Honestly it was more of me just getting everything into words.

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    Lol. Watch some Iliza Schlesinger comedy specials. She deals with some funky relationship stuff and it really makes you see how disposable this early stage flirting is. Even if it feels good or right or special, relationships, flirting, anything that isn’t exclusive and lasts for less than 3 months becomes white noise in life. Also does a decent job of highlighting when girls flirt in ways guys often miss lol.
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    @CoffeeNcode I have no clue in all honesty. I'd rather not really get involved or anything until I talk to her sister more. So right now, I only know what her sister told me yesterday.

    Also something else happened that I thought was pretty funny. At one point I was talking to someone outside the band room about it (it wasn't explicit or anything, it was fairly vague), and Grace's sister was in the band room. After a few minutes she comes out and says "I could hear everything you guys said while I was in there. The room was fucking silent, and I'm pretty sure they heard it too"
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    @CoffeeNcode Oh, I noticed recently that you tend to comment on every rant I post now. Like if I post something, you'll be there. Makes me feel good that someone cares enough to watch me 😂
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    So a bit of an update that happened like an hour ago.

    I told my friend Mia about this whole story. Right after I finish, the dude's girlfriend walks by, just about to leave. Mia is good friends with her, so Mia tells her that basically Grace and him were talking and stuff (they're kinda not supposed to cause of that shit as far as I know). Dude's girlfriend gets PISSED, confirms the story with me, then her and Mia run off, presumably to go confront him about being a fuckstick.

    I had to leave at that point, so I have no idea what happened. But I'll probably ask Mia cause I'm REALLY curious about it
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