Recruiters call me and be like "I'm looking for a Python Developer to work in London with 5 Years of experience - Is that something you'd be interested in?"

I respond with - "Sure.. only if you can tell me where the f**k you found the word Python on my CV or ANYWHERE online."

1 - I've got ZERO experience in Python...

2 - I've got 3 Years experience in development regardless of being in anything Python related...

3 - I live 1-2 hours away from London...

Come on guys - Do you even read CVs before you blindly call? How shit are you!?

If I spent all my time calling candidates that had no relevance for the role I'm recruiting for (most likely to get call times up) back when I was a recruiter, my boss would have my nuts for lunch for making the agency look bad.

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    I'm starting to think it's a tactic to make more money.

    Call irrelevant people > waste time > tell client it's a long process > make more money
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    Most recruiters are monetarily incentivized to present as many candidates as they can. Whether the given candidates are qualified is entirely out of the equation.
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    @bahua so true.

    Had one lie straight in my face regarding a position and even tried to get me to lie to the company.

    I refused but went as far as an interview that I cut short in 5 minutes telling them straight up that the recruiter had not been honest when setting up the interview.

    I hope they took note and requested a refund.
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    @Voxera Had the same. Told the recruiter, and he had my CV, that I am a C/C++ dev preferring Linux. 10 Minutes into the interview the CTO said:
    "We are working with Windows only, and everything is written in Ruby."
    Shortest interview of my life. 😊
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    @Yamakuzure windows and ruby, just setting it up is a nightmare
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