Ever used your friend who knows nothing about cs as a rubber duck? Like you call for a coffee and you just sit there, try to explain the whole thing and then... Ok i need to go, i found the solution, talk to you soon

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    I tried with my GF...

    aaaaaaand I had to go back to the duck
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    @thatsnotnice yeah gfs don't work, you probably gonna end up fighting lol...
    @irene what else are friends for? They always use us, "hi, can you fix my laptop?" Not even a "how are you?"
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    Ahah, no we're still together, but she gets pissed off every time I try to explain anything.
    I guess I must be quite annoying when code doesn't work 😂
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    @-Tor man!! Let him at least see the world for a bit before turning him into a small version of you lol, keep him away from keyboards for a while
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    @-Tor i guess there's nothing we can do about it now, im sorry :'(
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    @-Tor good, i don't think any of us here is xD , i was just "dramatising", in fact I wish my kids (if i ever have any) surpass me and do wonders with a keyboard
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    @walid Hey not fair D: I do help my bf with his code. And he does the same with me. Hehe
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    @SmollPotato what's not fair?
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    Interesting, I might try it sometime.
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    I do that with my bf but he is in cs aswell so he can make usefull suggestions.
    I tried that with my best friend and that worked as well. She patiently listened to me and even tried to throw in some ideas although she is dtudying biology ans has nothing to do with cs. She does the same on me though with some biology stuff. So it's equal x)

    Alternatively: my cat
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    @walid When you said "yeah gfs don't work [...]" :P for when you're trying to find a solution to your problem
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