I have a presentation which takes 10 min and must be about anything relative to computer .
Since the other students are very stupid , I might not choose a very advanced topic ( after thinking about encryption i realized this)
So i need help!

What is your recommandation for the subject?

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    how about some history?
    like Konrad Zuse and his Z3
    (The inventor of the first digital computer)

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    Quantum computing and qbit
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    what about alan turing or ada lovelace for history
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    I recently did a talk on quantum computing in an ethics class I had to take, you really don't need to go in depth (hell I wouldn't even know how to) but your prof will most likely be impressed. Easy 100%
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    @Noobish glad i hear that 😃
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    Von Neumann architecture?
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    @timlyrics let's quantum the quantum's with quantum quantum tech

    (Smh people in my class think anyone who speaks "quantum" is a genius)
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    OSI layer model vs TCP/IP model?
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    Take this opportunity to practice presenting a topic to a less advanced audience.

    Instead of looking down from on high and calling other people stupid you could try to make your material more accessible to your intended recipient.

    You'll have to talk to all kinds of people in your professional life and just calling them stupid won't cut it
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    The actual journey of a packet of data sent frim your computer to a server and back. This can be made in a story type of a way easily
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    @codetinkery this is sound and mature advice.

    Encryption would probably be a good topic for this, so I recommend reconsidering it. You don't probably have to make it unnecessarily technical, so you can give naive, simple examples (think Cesarian cipher) and also drop the obligatory enigma-stories from WW2. 10 minutes should go fast with proper preparation and good pacing.
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    @codetinkery last time i tried the prof did not give me the complete score just because the students did not get what i said . i was wrong about assuming they know basics. They didn't even know what is a shell!
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    @nukasev yeah ceasar cipher is just easy and understandable
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    Pick your favorite problem and research/present an algorithmic solution! (That's what I just did :P)
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    @TheCommoner282 😅😅😅
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    No, you can choose encryption. If you also explain the basics and all the terms you'll be fine.
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    @Jifuna can i do it in 10 min ?
    Assume they know nothing about encryption
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    @R1100 I guess, if you talk about public key private key or even prime numbers as long as you explain it well enough.
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