Boss: Hey funny guy, It's your First Work anniversary. Congratulations and now share your thought on completing a year with us.

Me: Thanks Lady, All I wanted to say is Life was good and then I joined this project.

Boss: Told you, Funny guy. Now get back to work and I want those fixes by EOD.

Me: 😑

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    Funny guy
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    Haha xD reminds me of a lecture which we have, which has high failing rate at the final exam. I work for the professor, so they asked me why it didn't go so well.
    I suggested x y z to improve it.
    "Nah I'm doing everything correctly and don't want to change amything"
    Dafuq man why do you ask then? We have different stadards here then the uni you are from :/
    The lecturer is a different guy not the main prof. The main prof was interesed in improving the course and now, we finally hired an educational advisor kinda guy.
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    Or do this task yesterday, saying it today
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    Typical situation actually.
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