My views of Apple

Mac is shitte
MacBook is shitte
MacBook Pro is shitte
iPad is shitte
iPhone is shitte
AirPods are shitte
AirPower is shitte
iOS is shitte
iTunes is shitte
i-something-belonging-to-Apple is shitte
Tim Cook is shitte
Apple stickers are shitte.
Dongles are shitte.
Lightning port is shitte.

ECG is freaking awesome.

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    Great update!
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    What to expect from that company who use cheap thermal paste in its product
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    @antoniomerlin Oh, are you talking about Intel?
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    @filthyranter pretty sure the thermal paste isn't put there by the processor manufacturer
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    Apple sells more glue than Elmers these days.
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    @ThomasRedstone The one below the heatspreader.
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    @filthyranter heatsink you mean?
    Pretty sure that's applied by foxcon, or who ever is assembling Macs this week
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    @FrodoSwaggins I like Tim Cook in that regard but he has ruined apple as far as innovation goes. This past year we finally got some semblance of innovation with the ECG on the watch and last year with the Face ID but for the most part nothing really amazing has happened. It’s been the same old camera race on the phones, who can make the thinnest and lightest thing, and keeping up with the competition as far as displays go. Touch Bar on Mac was something pretty cool for certain things but for all intensive purposes most people don’t use that top row anyways so it didn’t make a huge difference changing it to a touch screen. I’d just like to see something more innovative instead of keeping up with the competition for once. Maybe it’s just the nature of their security consciousness that ties their hands... if that’s the case then that would change my opinion on the matter.
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    @antoniomerlin that fails to acknowledge that Apple doesn’t do onsite repairs. Everything gets sent to repair centers and is fully replaced with labor costs. That’s part of the reason it’s so expensive. Do they up charge? Sure, no one is denying that. But they’re also using an older MacBook that’s usually EOL by most companies anyway. The value of it is about 1k so in a way it makes more sense to have them recycle it and get a new one.. of course if you don’t want to do that you can go somewhere else to get it fixed or pay the price.

    The primary issue is people want to be mindless consumers and they let companies take advantage of that. Do some research and figure stuff out.
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    @tekmeister is the serviceability of Apple products really any different to their competitors?
    In the flagship smartphone market, all the screens cost hundreds, none of the batteries are user accessible.
    In the ultrabook market, all of them are soldered and glued together, compare like to like and Apple are generally similar.
    There is talk about innovation, but who is actually doing anything innovative these days?
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    @tekmeister whatever you say just one thing you remind me of linus torvalds comment on nvidia.(try to get the so called sarcasm)
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    @filthyranter so Intel supply thermal paste with wholesale CPUs? Seems a very odd state of affairs...
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    @ThomasRedstone They put thermal paste below the IHS instead of soldering.
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    Ohhh, that makes sense now!
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