I have this urge to get better at coding and software architecture and design. But fuck me if I'm not lazy about it.
All these crazy good books and lectures and here I am, doing jackshit to improve. Can't even finish my own personal projects. Bah.

I know how I'm supposed to go about it, how to keep engaged in a cycle of personal betterment. I lack self-discipline to do it though... Tried meditation for a time, but haven't really stuck to it. Currently trying to follow stoics (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and some others), but the mindset is not so easy to adopt, and the practical philosophies even harder.

Oh well. Life is hard. Blah-blah-blah. Thanks for reading. Just wanted to vent, really.

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    I know that too well!
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    Don't make the mistake of reading some book to help you do thinga while procrastinating the actual work.

    Meanig read an architecture book everyday for 15 minutes.
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    Watch a few youtube talks from the likes of Bob Martin, Kevlin Henney, Martin Fowler etc. Their talks tend to be quite engaging.
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    I wish they had devRant books. Learn coding through ranting :)

    Book 1: Learn workflow programming like Apache nifi. Drag and drop data source to destination, like sql, nosql, plain text files, spreadsheets, you-name-it data source to rest api. That will also give you Avro metadata. Use a avro to json schema converter and link that to a rest api.

    Setup Json schema forms (several out there in javascript, php, mb others) to grab the json and json schema. And that will auto generate your UI from your data (json + json schema).

    Then css tricks to make it look good.

    No more orm or boilerplate. Lazy to the max. Super scalable across many servers and the cloud. :)
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    i do adderall 2-3 times a month if I really need to focus, tho it's illegal in my country. there would be legal alternatives as well but haven't tried them yet.
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    @cephei I feel like the issue isn't really focusing. Once I get going, I can stay up to 8 or 9 hours on a task (with breaks of course). The issue is getting the ball rolling :P

    On days I need to crunch, I take modafinil. Boosts my focus nicely
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    For the past few months I've been listening to lectures/talks during my commute instead of radio or music.

    So far I've relistened an algorithms course and listened to an algorithmic game theory course.

    No, it's not nearly as productive as actually taking a course and doing the assignments etc, but it is better than nothing and keeps me interested academically.
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    @ModernShoe I'll try finding audiobooks in my area of interest then. Thanks for the tip
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