Has been a long time since I'm appreciating working with GRPC.

Amazingly fast and full-featured protocol! No complaints at all.

Although I felt something was missing...

Back in the days of HTTP, we were all given very simple tools for making requests to verify behaviours and data of any of our HTTP endpoints, tools like curl, postman, wget and so on...

This toolset gives us definitely a nice and quick way to explore our HTTP services, debug them when necessary and be efficient.

This is probably what I miss the most from HTTP.

When you want to debug a remote endpoint with GRPC, you need to actually write a client by hand (in any of the supported language) then run it.

There are alternatives in the open source world, but those wants you to either configure the server to support Reflection or add a proxy in front of your services to be able to query them in a simpler way.

This is not how things work in 2018 almost 2019.

We want simple, quick and efficient tools that make our life easier and having problems more under control.

I'm a developer my self and I feel this on my skin every day. I don't want to change my server or add an infrastructure component for the simple reason of being able to query it in a simpler way!

However, This exact problem has been solved many times from HTTP or other protocols, so we should do something about our beloved GRPC.

Fine! I've told to my self. Let's fix this.

A few weeks later...

I'm glad to announce the first Release of BloomRPC - The first GRPC Client GUI that is nice and simple,

It allows to query and explore your GRPC services with just a couple of clicks without any additional modification to what you have running right now! Just install the client and start making requests.

It has been built with the Electron technology so its a desktop app and it supports the 3 major platforms, Mac, Linux, Windows.

Check out the repository on GitHub: https://github.com/uw-labs/bloomrpc

This is the first step towards the goal of having a simple and efficient way of querying GRPC services!

Keep in mind that It is in its first release, so improvements will follow along with future releases.

Your feedback and contributions are very welcome.

If you have the same frustration with GRPC I hope BloomRPC will make you a bit happier!

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