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    It iS PolYMorFiC CodE I MAdE It MYseLF.

    Q> (Liteary computer genius)
    Q> *Plugs random shit into MI6 infrastructure*
    *Your base got hacked*
    Q> *Suprised Q face*

    I think that is good representation of the recruits they are lookimg for!
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    Unli martinis
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    LOL even with experience, just 40k in London.. sure.
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    @Fast-Nop With 40k you can afford to survive until you get a better job that pays 45k, where you can buy Tesco's finest. What a great city to live in
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    this seems quite low doesnt it? i mean, most people working for spy agencies dont do james bond like stuff or even ever leave their office, but still..i could imagine that there is still a certain risk to work for a state or private surveillance agency that makes you to a potential target for 3rd parties...and for that pay you could probably work in privat..i guess that is what nationalismn is good for
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