* Me entering the interview room:
Me: Hello
Interviewer: Hi, You are XYZ right?
Me: Yes, that is me
Interviewer: You know we offer {low_number} as a salary right?

*Me going out of the room

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    It's not coding test tho
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    @irene it could be faster 🤣
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    @sexoverflow I was going to rite something, but your name won the attention
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    Wouldn't it be great if every fucking job posting had a salary in it?
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    My thought exactly. That's a severely important part, and frankly, that needs to be decided well before the interview.
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    I am not sure if having a salary bound to every job posting is a good idea. The reason is it might scare away everybody who might be "worth" it or more, while it might attracted everybody who isn't on that salary level yet. If I am hiring and I come across somebody who is good, I can just go up with the number while also if I really need to fill the position but can't get anybody who has all the skills/experience I can just take a lower experienced person and lower the salary.
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    @alexThunder Well that's what the interview is for, to figure out how good the candidate is, isn't it? Iv'e worked with a lot of good It people that just know their shit, and they get another offer in hours, so coming across those as an employer I'd rather bring them onboard quick. I've also seen people with years of experience and almost no skill. So if I, as an employer, am not able to figure out the "worth" of an candidate somewhat accurately, I will have a hard time getting people on board. Also in times where I had several offers to choose they all were around the same salary.
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