The moment you realize that you have successfully beaten reality with your unit-tests...

There are unit-tests for ...
... the api returning a 408 Http StatusCode when an internal request times out.
... the react app take this status-code and fires an action to display a specific error message for the user.

Every bit of code runs just fine.

Deploy this hell of an app on the server. Dandy Doodle.

Do a smoketest of the new feature.
Chrome starts to crumble during runtime. The api Request freezes.
Firefox takes the 408 api response but fails to interpret it in react app.

So I began to wonder, what the hell is going on.

Actually I recognized that I had the glorious idea to return a clientside error code in a serverside api response.
Glorious stupidity :/

Finally I fixed the whole thingy by returning an 504 (Gateway timeout) instead of 408 (Clientside timeout)


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