Got a mac as a gift for my sister for christmas. Shes still in uni and wants to learn ux/ui. I plan on buying sketch licence for her for 1 year. But then I started thinking that shel need more, like photoshop or ms word apps. Is there some place where I could buy all of them as a bundle possibly cheaper?

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    how nice of you! 👍
    You can get adobe cc as a student for $19.90 a month. So you should wait until she is at the uni and got a student ID.
    Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers | Adobe Creative ...

    The same goes with ms office365, but seriously google docs and libre office is just fine, isn't it?

    maybe you can teach her www.framer.com on how to make interactive protoypes with coffeescript.

    www.balsamiq.com is nice for sketching ideas.
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    I'm fairly certain that a standalone, non-subscription version of Adobe CS is actively prohibited on newer versions of macOS. I believe that unless you bought an old laptop that's running El Capitan, the monthly offering will be all she can use.
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    @bahua why and how?
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    Because adobe wants more money, and they can.
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