I've been given a huge stack of paper, some users stories and loose specs. Was tasked with engineering the specific requirements, then the models and finally the database. Then I need to build an API on top of that.
Stuff I'll use is Go and Postgresql. Small issue is, I've never done DBs, so I've no idea what to do or where to start.

Does anyone have any resources to help kick-start myself in this field? I've been reading on SQL, but that doesn't really tell me anything about data structures and how to transform those user stories into product requirements.

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    get help, because the long term implications on maintainability. For example if in 3 years the client wants a new feature and it's not possible because you did't knew what you did when designing the db sheme. Would be pretty shit?

    also consider using graphQL for more flexibility and future proofing.
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    > get help
    Exactly what I'm trying to do. Will read a bit on GraphQL, heard of it before but no idea what it is
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    Have a look at some best practices regarding databases and make sure to find a good workflow that allows for quick changes in your database structure.

    Orm is very nice to use
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    Don't think of databases as having a fixed designed schema, that's waterfall bullshit. Whatever orm you're using probably handles migrations.
    Don't build layer per layer, build feature per feature always in the simplest way possible. That's how to "get shit done"
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    Also just search for a sql primer. Then some basic db theory stuff: er relationships, indexing, etc.
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