Dumbest experience.
Talked to recruiter, they praised I know ruby, said I needed to do a code test in ruby.

I was given 1 hour to complete 5, exercises in a codefight like thing.

1 exercise had C as the only lang option.
2 more had C and Python.
The last two has ruby too, they were permutation exercises that never completed within the time restriction (that was probably on me, but they did complete on my local ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I told them about all this, I failed, no second chances, no explanation, no nothing.

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    C and python/ruby?
    In what world?

    That's like looking for a chef who is skilled at both soil biology and texture/flavor pairings. Finding someone who is talented at both ends of the dev spectrum is great, but it's basically not going to happen. (Unless you hire me 😋)
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    @Root exactly!
    Good I was doing the interview for the lolz, glad I have a job.
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