Joined a new project at work a few months ago.
Cloned the git project and waited...
and waited...
2 minutes later download finished.
Checked the size it's 2.6Gb
Me: why is it so big?
Senior developer: this project has been under development for 15yrs.

Checked git history and someone committed a 2.1Gb binary two years ago...*sigh*

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    @FrodoSwaggins totally agree. Using BFG is the first thing on my hit list for 2019.
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    @aushuntsman just remember to get everybody to reclone after where somebody doesn't do a force push
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    . 😂😂
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    @kungfucat that was possibly the top use of that meme on the entire internet
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    No, what really annoys me is when you get added to a project, and the devs are sorta new to git, and haven't developed any good etiquette, and branch, and fork, and merge, and commit like its going out of style, and the head is 2 gb and it takes forever to do anything.
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    I am dreaming of the day when 'git status' returns in under 30 seconds.
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    @aushuntsman phew, that's the dream.
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    The fuck 2.1G of text :O XD
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