Who the fuck came up with the idea of using SharePoint? What it even is?! Is it a website, wiki, document repo...?

Our version seems to be a broken wiki with no info content, old links, illogical navigation. And somehow word documents are integrated into it. Sometimes you see some weird calendar and timelines (from old projects). You can navigate into a folder, but you cannot get back. There's no ".." button?? You can map it like OneDrive to yourself, but Windows doesn't support any document version control. Where's the check in/out option from explorer menu??? I sure as shit have those for SVN, GIT etc. Is there a new version created everytime I press ctrl-s or only when I close the document?

Well, I could open the document in "online" mode. Ok, the formatting goes weird and everything is super slow. But at least I can fuck up someone elses document by accidentaly copy/pasting stuff, deleting lines, hitting my face into keyboard etc. There's automatically new version added!

Somehow you can enable the forced check in/out for documents. Obviously only the library admin can do that. And since he's just a program manager, he has no clue what the fuck is version control or document management. So he has this thing on his "things to do" list. For him, document management means sending various spec versions as email attachments. And the developers can figure out together who has the most recent one.

How did M$ push shit piece of shit to corporations? They even use this crap for the intranet making it slower than creation of galaxies. Though it's ok, since you cannot find anything from the intranet. It's all just head honchos blogs, seasonal greetings and stock market statuses. Nowhere is seen the downstairs cafeteria menu for the day. Or where to report for broken toilet. You know, stuff that 99% of people would like to see.

I complained to M$ about the SharePoint, but apparently there's no problem. You can code it yourself? Yeiii! So, instead of just updating some line in design spec, I have to take a 3 month class and get a MS sertificate, code some class-based-web-shit for 6 months and maybe, maybe then I can make the page/document look normal?

I am thinking, that I will just start writing my specs on paper. I will put them on the shelf and if you want to read it, you will check it out manually. And if someone else tries to edit it while you are editing it, you just cover the paper with your hands. There might be a requirement to make the document look more like MS Word, but that's easy to do. Just go to WC with the paper and wipe with it a couple of times.

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    Good rant, welcome to devrant and sharepoint is shit
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    Let's add some more pain! Let's add MS Teams! You can create a "team" and you get automatically a SharePoint "site". And an OneNote book! Now, the "team" is somehow not the same as a "group" in Office365. Group is some sort of a dumb email name list? But anyway, you get more and more SharePoint pages whether you wanted them or not. MSTeams also has some "wiki" feature, but that seems to not be linked to SharePoint at all? If you delete a team, does the page disappear? And vice versa? I didn't dare to try!

    But let's all create SharePoint pages all year long and now, on the last day of they year, let's have a competition called "Who can find my document"! The winner gets to be the SharePoint keysupport for the whole corporation. No extra pay.
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    One day I was asked to become a SharePoint developer and I denied it during interview, they still called me for an HR interview!

    who even thinks about SharePoint when we have all of other cool languages and endless possibilities of things I can develop!!
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    Well sharepoint is just a standard example of piling features on top of an existing application/system until no one remembers the reason for its existence. The lack of a coherent strategy across different applications of a large organization is another thing...not really restricted to MS though.
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    MS word n WC.. priceless šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
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    As for the idea of having the specs in something so chaotic like sharepoint: just... don't

    I like to have the specs only in one place for a user story or feature. Not on 3 different sharepoint sites in different versions where maybe not even all Devs are authorized.
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    We almost implemented sharepoint where I work, I was constantly reminding my coworkers that it sucks but the head of IT thinks it is awesome...
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    @hell , you see, there are 2 kinds of people in corporations: those who choose the tools and those who have to use them.

    Usually there two do not meet.
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    This somehow reminds me of AEM, anybody else?
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