Hello to my awesome friends at DevRant! I really wish you all a very happy new year and really hope 2019 brings you the absolute best it has to offer! Well today was quite a great day.

What happened was we have this store here called ‘rebels sport’ which is really all around Australia in general i think, anyways i bought a pair of new slippers which are an absolute beauty.

So i get into line and this happens, i see this pretty young thing who happens to be around my age working in checkout section of the shop.

So i have my slippers in hand and heres the conversation.
First thing i say is:
Me: “Hi, i usually go to the beach “
Her: “you usually go to the beach?” *laughs*
Me:” i mean are these slippers waterproof??”

I Dont think i will be walking into the shop anytime soon 🤣😩

Hope your day/night goes incredibly well! ❤️

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