Few years ago if someone would mention "Javascript" and "Backend" in one sentence, I would burst in laugh. With quick internet scraping I see it's becoming a reality. Quo vadis, orbis?

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    I truly despise javascript. Give typescript a try, its still like getting fucked by a 12 inch mandigo but at least hes wearing a condom
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    I still burst into laughter
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    Just because you can it doesn’t mean you should
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    Do laugh. I mean, what are the odds of some critical piece of infrastructure relying on a Javascript backend code?
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    @RustyCookie what do you mean with "compiled to c++"?

    Also, when I said critical piece of infrastructure I meant something like Electrical power distribution, Air Traffic Control, Gas pipeline control, Emergency Services Dispatch, etc.

    If your company does something like that then I hope they do not do business in my country.
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