One component is used over 30,000 times. How many unit tests do you think we have for it? Zero. Fucking zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada, None.


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    This is NOT a joke.

    For my last project, I remotely joined a team in another country. During the introduction, I was told that the designers will be writing our unit tests.
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    In Salesforce, to deploy your application you need a minimum 75% code coverage in each class.

    So, to achieve that people write test classes without a single assert statement!!!

    When asked why, he tells me we do that so so it doesn't break in production.

    So, basically that is like NOT writing test classes. WTF!
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    isn't unit testing something like using version control already? like you know there are people out there not using it, but they're just weird
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    that is some good QA you got there
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    Don't worry. When it stops working... you'll know.
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