I've never ever fully completed a side-project like I envisioned it to be. If I had, I'd have my own company already. It's mostly because I didn't have the time (no, that's a lie; or just an excuse). It's mainly because I haven't been motivated enough to see it through to the end. My motivation life-span ends when I get distracted by something else and in the end ends up like the Commit Strip.

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    Ugh. That last panel hurts bad. I've had a handful of project ideas that I've at least created repos for and just never got started on.

    Now, I actually don't have much time myself, but it would be good to see a project other than my personal website through.

    I do have one coming up soon that I hope to be able do this with. It's definitely harder to keep the motivation though when there's so little time to actually commit to it. :/
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    You are not alone 😉
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