Generally devs who are too arrogant to accept help or constructive criticism. There’s this data visualisation library that missed a specific feature that psychologists use quite frequently, so I added it myself and opened a PR. The maintainer closed it because people should use whatever he’d already implemented. It’s like not giving someone the option to listen to disco because rock music is better. Yeah, cool story bro. Now all my visualisation projects depend on my fork instead. Same with the now abandoned Material Design Library devs. They didn’t have a drop down with free input, so I opened a PR with my solution. Closed as it was out of scope, simply because Google didn’t specifically include that in the Material specs, only an input and a drop down separately which my solution matched. I also opened a PR for an obviously missing feature (being able to validate forms via JS), closed as this behaviour wasn’t in the Material specs either. No wonder MDL died before it was ever finished.

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    Don't be entitled. Just because you implemented a feature doesn't mean the maintainers think it's a good idea or that they want to maintain it. Form validation is clearly out of scope for a component library.
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    @willol erm, they already had validation implemented. Maybe don’t be a dick without knowing the context?
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    @willol @620hun I think we just found the real dev enemies LMAO
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    @PaperBag I’d say enemy is a bit harsh, but I’m not a fan of people who jump to conclusions without the tiniest effort to understand the situation 🤷🏻‍♂️
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