Last news: yahoo just invented that thing of the 500M hacked accounts to make us believe they have that much users.

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    Its yahoo! they are really big
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    @devJoe there's something called jokes
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    'State sponsored' hacking apparently.

    Yahoo: So over 500 million accounts were compromised and... Oh, look over there!
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    I'd bet that over half of those users aren't even active on yahoo. All decades old accounts from people that have moved to Google etc.
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    most of yahoo users were like devtest2@yahoo.fr 😀😀😀😀😀
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    I have an yahoo account which was created 15 years ago. Along with the other 499 999 999 user accounts...
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    one of the email i had when yahoo messanger was famous will_u_do@yahoo.com 😂
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    LOL. Seriously.. that made me wonder. You got me Yahoo..
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