Found a random website that lets you design your own anime avatars, its quite in depth and there are many art styles from different artists available:


* It's comprehensive, and it has a lot of styles available

* Editor is intuitive and Modern


* It's in Japanese, you might wanna use GTranslate.

* Randomizer fucks up on some of the more in-depth art styles.

* Seems to be mobile-exclusive design for the editor.

You can check it out here: https://picrew.me

Here's a little sample from picrew on the Gorilla Art style

(Note: this is actually my GitHub avatar as well)

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    Feeling stupid now...I read Japanese, but somehow when I create layers the only option for parts is to upload something...
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    I can read hiragana and katakana and I managed to sign up, but I can't read the rest of the moonrunes and now I have no idea what to do :v
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    @Kaji that's where I got to as well. OP is gonna need to provide some tutorials
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    @inaba are you Mexican dude?
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    @kadrudev How could you have known? :o

    Here's a picture of me in case you don't believe it!
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    @caramelCase can this app make me a anime grill with a big mustache and a :3 face???
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    @inaba hahahaha that Pacman. Only latinos used them.
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    Anyone who doesn't know what to do...

    On homepage, those avatars are not user created. Those are avatar "manufacturers". Basically they are showcasing what avatar you can create from it.

    So basically click on preferred manufacturer (https://picrew.me/search) and click that red button and it will redirect you to where you can create avatar. This is called "play mode", or at least this is how google translates it.

    There is also "create mode", where you can create those manufacturers. You basically upload your images, tweak image positions, etc., to create some sort of set, from which others can create avatars from.
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    Teach me senpai
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    How can you guys generate something like that! 😱
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    Thanks a lot for sharing, it's really a high quality site! I wonder if they have any restrictions for usage of the generated characters in a game like a visual novel for example. I guess you have to contact the artist of the templates and ask.
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    @sunfishcc this marks the start of an entirely new genre of anime :v
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    @inaba a homosexual emo anime could work😈
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    It will help us using them on our profiles too. Will start creating one shortly.
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    @sunfishcc of God that's terrifying to look at
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