Is know this has been asked before but is it actually worth spending money for online training on platforms like udemy. Don‘t you already have large amount of resources on the internet?

What do they have that the free internet does not offer?

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    If you try to learn online, the knowledge is mostly all over the place. In those courses they structure their content in a way they think will be the easiest for you to learn.
    If you are a beginner they are quite nice, trying to actually build something. But if you are experienced 80% will be stuff you know and 20% stuff that you had no idea existed/new in current version.
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    Quality, generally.

    I don't known so much about dev tutorials because a lot of Dev work is stuff you have to figure out on your own, but for stuff like modelling and animation it's always better to find a good paid course. In general the quality difference is very visible and totally worth it because one good tutorial > tens of shady tutorials which you have to piece together manually, that takes time that you usually can spend better somewhere else.

    If you're planning to learn from free resources always keep track of the time investment you're making, sometimes it's better to make a money investment instead to save on time.
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    Udemy does so many massive sales that you probably won't miss the money. The amount of courses I've paid for that advertise for like 200-400 but I bought for 10-15. That's like a reasonably priced book.
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