Semantic ui is bullshit.

I have been css frameworks
2 more that i forgot.

They are huge and simple to understand.

Now fucking with semantic ui. Bullshit docs. Javascript problems conflicts.

Will try bulma without js.
Or back to bootstrap.

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    I didn't like it either.

    In my experience, Bulma was the fastest to build a proper responsive webpage.
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    Have you tried UIkit? My current go-to and will be for long time, I think.

    Bulma for minimal solution with less features out of the box.

    Both better than bootstrap.
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    @HoloDreamer I've been through bootstrap, foundation, Materialize, and Bulma. Out of all those Bulma is really the one that just works the best for me as well
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    Bulma, UIKit, Foundation, CSS Blueprint

    Choose, but choose wisely.
    - Bootstrap is not a wise choice
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    Cannot change now. Moved on to 60% of the project.
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