Le monday morning after a commit on sunday evening...

PM: BLAAAH!!!! Your commit broke the site, nothing is working!!!!!!
Me: What? All of tests passed (coverage 95%), no issues were found.
PM: NOO!!!! Site is broken, we can't use it no more!!!
Me: Ok, what's the problem?
PM: I've tried to enter -10021 into this field on that page and it gived me an error.
Me: Ok? So, that single page is broken?
PM: No, whole site!!!! This is important
Me: Sure... Let me take a look

* PM tried to enter a negative value into an unsigned field that I've mutated yesterday after checking LIVE database if there was no records with negative value. Reason: we've hit an int limit and there was no chance that the value would be negative. Validation? Well, yes.... Except that page was added by him this morning without even checking everything else *

Me: Here, this is the issue, *gives explanation*
PM: Well.... You shouldn't do this. This is unacceptable. You must never leave int fields without negative values. Didn't they teach you in school that integers can be negative?!
Me: What? *consufed as hell*
PM: *More morale... blah blah blah....* Revert it back!
Me: Ok but if anything else breaks, copy of this slack conversation will be kept.
PM: Don't care! Fix it!
Me: * Reverts the fix, saves chat copy * - Done.
PM: Great.

* 5 wild minutes later *
PM: BLAAAH!!!! Site is down, service is not working, what have you done?
Me: Reverted the change needed for it to work. Todays schedule is full with other important tasks. * pastes a screenshot as a proof that he asked me to do this *
PM: FIX IT NOW! Apply your fix.
Me: You're the PM. - Done.
PM: Great, now I'll fix my code. You should be more careful next time.

How's your morning going? :)

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    Project manager memes are the best lmao
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    @irene you found my inspiration source :p
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    Dense cabbage is dense cabbage
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    My morning was:
    Boss: When are you going to finish?
    Me: As I told you before End of February!
    Boss: No way you have to reduce the deadline in 15 days.
    Me: 😨

    YOU DENSE MATHA$^&/$^$#@
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    I envy you guys with a good deadline. Usually my deadly is either today or tomorrow lol 😂
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    Work makes work.
    That’s why it’s called ‚work‘ - obviously.
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    @beegC0de you mispelled "project managers are the worst"
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    @Devnergy I'm going to start calling deadlines ..deadly. 😍
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    when PM codes...
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