I really need to kick Tim Cook in the ass.
“Everything Works”, yeah tell that to your dead dog.
Debugging watchos experience:
I need to uninstall main app for watch app to register changes in code.
Xcode crashes during debugging.
Cannot SET custom keys in Info.plist, in watch target, ohhhh goood, but thats where app configuration is set, how and why do you care about simple string keys!!! What now i need to send that configuration from main app??
Tim Cook just go die please, you have ruined apple.

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    watchos? Is that like nachos but for telling time?
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    I don't think Tim Cook makes such low level dev decisions
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    @RememberMe You are correct. That is true. For me he represents stagnation, insecurity and stalemate. Apple has lost it’s innovative edge, just sitting in comfort zone, living off the old glory. No progress, just being a nice guy, afraid of conflict.
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