Partially-inherited a WordPress website today that 1) has a ton of outdated plugins (therefore causing Visual Composer to complain), 2 was upgraded to WordPress 5 without keeping the old TinyMCE editor around, and 3) uses a page builder that's built into the "page options" portion of the Edit view.

We also have to add a couple of pages with the project in this state.

(For those not familiar with WordPress, "Page Options" can't be previewed before the page is published/updated, even though anything inside of the actual content area can.)

We got some work to do. 😐

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    @theKarlisK yeah it can always be worse.

    But the outdated plugin notifications are breaking the Edit view partially. They're displaying within the editor and making it impossible to reach half of the admin sidebar (because of broken scrolling).

    But yes, it definitely can always be worse.
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    @theKarlisK to be clear, I wasn't taking shots at your comment. That definitely sounds like a pain.
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    Wordpress is a huge clusterfuck. Can't do anything useful without a metric shit ton of plugins, and then it gets hacked if any of these plugins isn't updated. If you update however, the fuckup rate with N plugins is O(N^2).

    This pile of shit is build on other crap, i.e. a completely outdated PHP version because backwards compatability is important. Except if Automattic decides to fuck users with Gutenberg until a truck could do a U turn in their assholes.

    The only reasonable thing about WP is that WP dev jobs have lousy pay as punishment for taking part in that electronic landfill. ^^
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    Good luck
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