Unlimited Money

Unlimited brain power


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    there can only be 1 God

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    @SukMikeHok the only gods down here are in chains.
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    Immortality is overrated, imagine surviving the extinction of humans or not be compatible with over-evolved descendants or keep living in the void of space after the solar system is destroyed, living through being sucked by a black all, surviving the end of times alone? Nah I'm good give me a normal life span but healthy and never aging and I'll be good with it.
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    @Hallelouia exactly this.
    Also, immortality isn't great either... imagine having a huge ass pain (eg a nuke exploding above your head, thus you burning) but not being able to die...
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    @FinlayDaG33k immortality has definitely a lot of caveats without things like invincibility, eternal youth, etc... But in the end it's the loneliness and fact that you will spend eternity in the void that gets you.
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    Just make some chatbot that answer some customer support questions with machine learning, add ability to paste from stack overflow based on stack trace, reply to social networks, sell it to some company and you’re done with your wishes.
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    @Hallelouia you just described my reasons
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