Funny how it's the conversation when I give my 2 weeks notice that all this comes up, like:

1) how they were "talking about giving me a raise"
2) how they were "hiring more people" so I could spend more time coding and less time doing bullshit
3) how they were going to fix all the other broken things in the company

How do you think it would fly if instead they fired me and I promised to fix everything that's wrong about my working there after the fact?

Anyway, I knew they would pull this bullshit so it was expected. Excited that I signed the new offer today. Finally getting market rate pay and expecting better work environment as well. 🐶

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    Changing employer has all the signs of a break up.
    - Why?
    - How can I change your mind?
    - Is there someone else?

    Or so I heard from a friend.
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    The soulless corporate tactic to try and retain as many brains to work more for less.

    I wish you the best with the new job. Hope you will be happier.
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    @Agred if that's the case ... I've got a partner that doesn't care about me at all, haven't gotten any of those questions, as a matter of fact I've heard that they are going full on to try and hire new sucke--people
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