1. Music. I am a Metal guy of many colors. So I enjoy "Dimmu Borgir" quite as much as "Amon Amarth", "Man'o'War", "Eskimo Callboy" and "Epica". I am really fond of the latter. But I also like medieval rock and metal like Harpyie or Ignis Fatuu.

2. Music. You may not believe it, but I also like western and country. (Comes from point number 4) My favorites are "High Valley" and "Jack Savoretti"

3. Music. When I owned an Amiga 4000 I made quite a lot of music. Mainly House, Trance, Progressive and Techno. I should pimp my collection of about 20k samples, but just don't find the time. As a software I was a buyer of DigiBooster Pro, nowadays I use MilkyTracker.

4. Line Dance. It is the best and greatest sport for programmers, trust me! 😁 Current favorite dances are "Sweet Hurt", "Dig Your Heels" and "Strong Bounds".

5. "Mass Effect Trilogy" and "Dragon Age Origins". I know more about those four titles than Wikia. 😉

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    Eskimo Callboy mentioned together with Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth...that's... uncommon :D
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    @thoxx well he said many colors :P

    That said, I see Amon Amarth, I ++
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    Yeah I know and I really like that! I'm a metal guy too and I hate how the scenes behave. "My metal sub-genre is the only true metal... Metalcore/devRantcore/XY-Core is for retards".
    So, thumps up!
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    @thoxx yes, discarding a subgenre as a whole is never a good idea.
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    I forgot something. It is so common and normal for me, that it ... well... slipped my mind when writing the list above. ^^

    6. I am a passionate BeatBox. I am doing it all the time. (It is better accepted in public than Growl training. 😂) My skill is low, however, nothing compared to savants like Roxor Loops, Beardy Man or Tom Thum.
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    >it is better accepted in public than growl training

    I wonder why 🤣
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