Had a follow up meeting today to resolve the issue of Product ignoring our comments about possible issues, better ways to do it etc.

New rules:
- We are allowed to suggest to Product that they might be doing something wrong
- We are not allowed to tell product they are doing something wrong
- If Product don’t listen, that’s fine, we will document our comments to protect us later.

Product are too sensitive to have a conversation with. We are now going to let them fuck everything up, make some notes and say “I told you so” at a later date.

Maturity at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

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    Well at the very least, you're not blamed for their fuckups...
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    Yep sometimes I feel like I am in high school too... Same shit whether people are 14 or 40.

    Btw: Nice number spottet and yes I am following your rants.
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    Well, if you cover yourself, it will probably result in some fine new rants for us in the future^.-
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    @Commodore call me ridiculous, but I’d actually like to avoid these issues in the first place. When I move on I’d like to point to something that was mildly successful instead of sitting in an interview like

    “... well I swear I tried ... look I’ll prove it, look at all the horrible things I said about my colleagues on devrant ..... Hello?”
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    @practiseSafeHex absolutely. I was merely pointing out that your situation improved slightly.
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