Boss - gives tasks to me. Timeline: 10 days.

Me - work hard and finish the solution in 3 days.

Boss- wtf is this. Do it properly.

Me - chills for 15 days. Submit the same earlier solution after that.

Boss - yes this looks nice now! Much better than your earlier work!

Me - dude seriously what kind of stuff do you smoke before coming to work?

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    Maybe "do it properly" is code for "give it to me in 10 days, I don't want to deal with this shit until then" ? 🤔
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    @monzrmango lol , that's why I work in startups now. Always a ton of shit to do. :D
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    Ah, to be young. Always wanting more work for the same amount of pay...

    Nah, just kidding. I work in a startup, too. Love the challenge that comes with each new project.
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    @monzrmango hahaha hell yeah! The stuff you learn in 6 months, even most veteran mnc workers don't know that stuff.

    Said boss in rant, likes to use a handset which probably predates the pager. Working for this guy gave me a ton of devrant material 🤣
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    Giving it to him early was a clear insult to his ability to plan and project. More likely, you also insulted his coding ability cuz that's what he thought it would take.

    Two options :

    1 - stay there and suck it up, never getting more than his scraps
    2 - take his job. Make his manager understand what just happened and document the shit out of next time. Companies don't appreciate managers who lie and keep people from doing their best
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    @martygeek if that insults him then there is something seriously wrong with him. Time is money. I love when employees work faster than I anticipated. As long as the work is done well.
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    @martygeek just to clarify, he was a lead with no coding experience.
    Any half decent coder would have known that both submissions were ditto same.
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    I've moved from a well established IOT house to a medical startup. I love having my own projects to handle personally.
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    @fives I know right! That sense of ownership and responsibility is awesome
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    Well, at my job they give 10 days for something that can take a month
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