I got myself a Kindle last week and bought Randle Monroe's what if, thoroughly enjoying it . Saw someone recommending 'Algorithms to live by' here , I'll be reading that next . What books are you guys reading ?

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    I really enjoyed What-if, nice to see that others are reading it, too. I'm currently reading 1984. It's not IT related, but an interesting read.
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    @marci010101 1984 is one of my favorites.

    I'm halfway through The Count of Monte Cristo. Taken me half a year. (I don't read that often and it's a slow read).

    On deck, I have short stories of Frank Herbert that I'm excited about so I have to keep chipping away at The Count!
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    Right now. The baby owner manual.

    Anything Isaac Asimov
    The martian chronicles by Ray Bradbury
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    @mundo03 what an awesome name for a book
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    Head first design pattern 🤓
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