I've been thinking about ways to improve my workflow for my personal projects.

I'm getting to grips with continuous integration and deployment etc, but I want to also automate, or at least semi automate my changeling generation.

I don't like using any sort of gitlog shenanigans, and I quite like the girls way of doing it.

I.e you run a script which generates a yaml file with your changeling info in, and then all the files are written into the changelog.md file.

How do you guys handle the generation of your changelings?

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    Tip: unless you're speaking in a men's only club, don't refer to a gender neutral thing as "girls way of doing it"

    And even there. Just don't.
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    @ananaszjoe good spot, apparently my phone thinks Gitlab should be girls.

    Anyway, I can't modify my post now, so I quite like Gitlabs way of doing it.
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    FWIW, I make all my personal projects open source (if someone wants to rip them off then they're welcome to!) and just setup Travis for CI. Can do pretty much anything with it, it's all free, and I don't need to maintain any infrastructure.
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