Getting ready to start sending out applications for junior dev positions.
What would you suggest should I look into/repeat/prepare for possible interview questions? For example, typical algorithms they might ask me to code?
I already have a list but maybe you have even more ideas to add :)

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    Coding during interview is really a thing in germany?
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    @hypervtechnics Not necessarily during the interview but yes, as part of the application process people might ask you to code a quicksort or to draw an UML diagramm or stuff like that.
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    * Practice TDD
    * ACID properties of a db
    * solid principles
    * Practice the habit of communicate clearly what you don't know
    * Practice the habit to collect as much information about a problem as possible, before a solution attempt

    I believe that those topics can help you in multiple ways.
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    Depends on the position, embeded systems: pointer arithmetik, webdev: some js fizzbuzz, etc.
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