So you have an organization that flirts with scrum and wants to be agile. You have non-crossfunctional teams who don't know what agile is. You have product owner who doesn't want to do backlog, but instead acts like project manager and asks for statuses and assigns tasks to peple. He wants the teams to find out what needs to be done and fill the backlog themselves - and then raport to him. You have business owers who noone knows who they are. You have project managers, who don't fit the whole scrum hierarchy. These project managers insist calling scrum masters "team leaders". Also these project managers think scrum is silly and don't want anything to do with it. And then you have higher program management that think this whole scum thing is better than sliced bread and everything is going just dandy!

Oh yeah, also highest organization management thinks that we are on the right track. We just need be more agile but less agile and work more efficiently whitout really saying, what the hell are we supposed to do.

Basically every day is like going to the zoo. Without the fun part.

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    Thank sounds like my organisation. Have they started sending everyone for training yet? Or better yet sending "management" to observe.
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    Caveat: I hate Scrum. However, I can't tell what the hell is going on at your company. I think pity is what I'm feeling for you right now.
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    Been there
    A big waste of time, money and peoples lives...
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    @Scratchy , sure! There's big money consultants training people. Like having team excercises making grown up people do the stuff they do in kindergarden. Also talking about the concepts of the Scrum and other things. For example there are the Operators and those are not operators, but we need to deliver Value to them. Or not them, because they are not really people, but they are Culture. So it's also me. So they are me and I am them and together with are the Culture producing Value to the Business. But anyway, devOps is an important part as well. Well, the trainer couldn't really say what the fuck is devOps but there were a lot of abstract words starting with Capital Letters involved.

    I think it was one of those trainings where you came our dumber than you went in.
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    So how is this going @thatDude
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    @butreallywhy Going really good. I left the company.
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