recently i prided myself in my high ability to google stuff but i just blank at this problem:

i have 4 HDDs with my photos on it. They are more or less backups of each other, but not quite. The folder structure is convoluted and i am dreading this task since years. I now want to move to a better backup culture and save the data i really care about.

Problem: i may or may not inserted new photos in some versions of the hdds and not in others. So they are like [Photo1], [Photo2], [Photo3] and [Photo4] but [Photo1] contains a,b and d content, [Photo2] contains a and b but not d, [Photo3] contains c.

Now i would like a program that just takes hashes of all files present and compares them and finds differences among those 4 folders so i can combine them in each other. Additional problem points for a being in a different subfolder on [Photo1] as in [Photo2]

Its probably some backup software that can that, but i dont know which one.


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    Write a script to do it (:
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    @beegC0de the thing about that is..its part of what i dreading..also you are super not helpful, that problem cant be unique, i value my own skills pretty low, someone probably did it better before me
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    If it's Linux, or it supports hardlinks dedupe it. Jdupes works great. There's a folder orientated deduplication too that works well, but I had to check the name.
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    Merge the folders? or are the names of different photos overlapping?
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    Maybe another options is to just merge all folders so you'll have double pictures in the folders and then use a program to find the double ones
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    I'd say you write a script that compares some checksums and groups images together, so you can decide what redundant data you want to delete.
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    Found some options here. Looks like you can review before they remove them.

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    You deffo need a rubber duck mate. If I got it right, the concept of what you want is like a text diff viewer but instead of comparing files and lines of code, it compares directories and their contents..
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    There are ready programs for removing duplicate files. I found one when I needed one, so you will too.
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    Search for photo deduplication

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    @sSam of course they are, classic DCS0120 is present a lot of times, photos comes from different cameras and phones, but i will look into photo deduplication in the mean time..its a word i didnt knew before
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    Rsync sounds like the perfect solution for your problem.
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