How the hell does one get in to Twitter? Seems like it would be nice, but hell, who to follow?

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    Well I'm a game developer so I would add the #gamedev tag to anything I would post relating, thats sort of what gave me my followers and who I'm following...

    Try posting updates to stuff you are interested in or working on with relevant tags
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    @lxmcf I'm a simple man. I see an gamedev, I follow
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    @M1sf3t That's because you're on "Twatter" not "Twitter", which, ironically, is a lot nicer.
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    S8an and some dev-news page
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    @Agred thankyou :-D
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    Do yourself a favor and don't get into it. Don't waste time on reading utter gibberish people write on Twitter. Live life, log out, speak with people in the real world, be with your family.
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    Depends on what you want to read? 🤔

    I use Twitter for news, some artists and some YouTubers I like
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    @nett18 I think you mean lord musk sir
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