Every single dev I know that struggles with English struggles with coding.

Gonna keep taking samples throughout the years.

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    @M1sf3t The reverse of A=>B is not B=>A, but ~B=>~A. Knowing logic can be handy in coding... ;-)
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    @M1sf3t well I can confirm the OP's observation. It's usually beginners who code in their native language if that isn't English.

    Experienced devs just don't do that because aside from some home-grown mini project, you'd shut yourself out of the majority of software, especially open source.

    English is the lingua franca in tech, just like Latin used to be in earlier times - and pretty much for the same reason.
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    @M1sf3t summary: successful coding requires properly learning it first instead of trying to muddle through. Just the same as for most other professions.
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    @M1sf3t Meanwhile, studying medicine requires knowledge of Latin because a lot of terms are in Latin, and nobody speaks Latin at home.

    Also, if you want to learn programming, you have to actually invest work. Programming is different from everyday language because a computer isn't human.
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    @smb26 people that would need google translate to write what you wrote and understand what I'm writing.
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    @smb26 get another one of those sweet mentions :)

    Feel free to come by too anytime, the gates are always open and everyone will be greeted with a warm welcome ;)
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    @M1sf3t well if someone has been living under a rock for 20 years and hasn't noticed that English is the lingua franca of tech, then he's in for a rough awakening. Bad for him because that writing has been on the wall for 70 years in the West and 30 years in former Eastern Bloc countries.

    He'll even struggle to find a job in tech these days. In my current position, parts of the interview were in English, and I wouldn't have gotten the job had I failed. Yeah, English isn't my native language.

    But none of that is relevant for most young people who start coding today and learn English at school. Non-English variable names and comments indicate shitty amateurish code in 99% of the cases.
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